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O.T.M. staat voor Organisatie van Traffic Managers. Zij is de enige organisatie die de
belangen verdedigt van de Verladers, zijnde de bedrijven die voor het vervoer van hun
producten gebruik maken van eigen vervoer of van transportbedrijven.

Daarom wordt u lid!

Wil U of uw bedrijf ook gehoord worden in belangrijke overheids- en andere dossiers, zonder daar individueel tijd en financiën te moeten voor aanwenden, dan is lidmaatschap van O.T.M. een must.

O.T.M. is uw spreekbuis.

Hoe groter O.T.M. wordt, des te krachtiger klinkt uw stem als verlader.

Stel uw vragen aan onze experts!

Haal kennis binnen via onze nieuwsbrief!

Werk zelf actief mee!
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ESC Brussels Update February 2013


Section 1 – REGULATORS

1.1. The European Council reached agreement on the next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF)//the way
ahead//Parliament ready to negotiate
1.2. Statement by Vice President Kallas following ECJ rulings (Spain, Hungary,Germany, Austria)
1.3. Antitrust: Commission decides not to prolong maritime transport antitrust guidelines
1.4. Electoral period for next European Parliament to be advanced
1.5. Competitiveness Council – 18-19 February 2013 (abstract of topics of interest to ESC)
1.6. Statement by Commissioner Poto?nik following the Resource Efficiency Finance roundtable
1.7. Project for a new container terminal in the Port of Rotterdam receives EU support
1.8. EU co-financing to help improve connections to the Port of Hamburg
1.9. Guidelines for deployment of urban ITS now published
1.10. Stop large retailers' abuse
1.11. Barcelona's port and road transport associations fined €20.46m over price-fixing cartel scam
1.12 ECJ rules on rail infrastructure cases ECJ rules on rail infrastructure cases - Court says that Spain
and Hungary did break the rules, but Austria and Germany did not.
1.13 Parliament weakens draft limits on vehicle noise - Centre-right MEPs get their way on noise limits.
1.14 Commission blocks Ryanair's takeover of Aer Lingus - Ryanair says it will appeal against the decision,
which it describes as “political”.

Section 2 – BUSINESS

2.1 CO2 emissions// no impact in contract negotiations carriers-shippers
2.2 December 2012 compared with November 2012 Industrial producer prices down by 0.2% in both euro
area and EU27
2.3 US shippers ask FMC to scrutinise transpacific merger plan - NITL demands due diligence on move to
unite carrier groups
2.4 Box price indices increasingly used in flexible long-term contracts talks
2.5 G6 expands alliance to transpacific box trades - Lines will share capacity across 50 ships on Asia-east
coast North America routes
2.6 Hanjin Shipping ranked most reliable carrier
2.7 OOCL declares Asia-Europe rate hike - Rise of $700 per teu scheduled for March 15
2.8 Maersk suspends AE-9 - Maersk Line has suspended its Asia-North Europe AE-9 loop less than two
months after reactivating the service as load factors for carriers continue to disappoint.
2.9 Shipping lines cut capacity and up rates as Asia-Europe stays weak
2.10 Idle fleet increases from 739,000 TEU to 804,000 TEU within a week
2.11 Russia antitrust probe targets at least 12 box lines
Russia’s antitrust investigators have raided the offices of at least a dozen of the world’s largest container lines
in a move reminiscent of action by Brussels nearly two years ago.
2.12 ILWU dock clerks sign off on contract with LA-Long Beach employers
2.13 Container Throughput Index: Global box volume rises 2.3pc in January


3.1ESC published the Inland Transport Market Outlook 2012 : request your copy
3.2ESC Position on the 4th Railway Package published
3.3ESC participated in the CER/UNIFE Awards annual reception
3.4ESC position on Cabotage published on 7/2/2013
3.5ESC signs joint press release on ‘Rail Sector publishes high level vision of rail transport in 2050’ on
3.6ESC press release : More Effort is needed to make rail freight really attractive (21/2/013)
3.7ESC Welcomes the European Commission’s Decision not to Prolong the Maritime Transport Services
Antitrust Guidelines (ESC press release)
3.8eFreight consultation and stakeholder workshop

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