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O.T.M. staat voor Organisatie van Traffic Managers. Zij is de enige organisatie die de
belangen verdedigt van de Verladers, zijnde de bedrijven die voor het vervoer van hun
producten gebruik maken van eigen vervoer of van transportbedrijven.

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Daarom wordt u lid!

Wil U of uw bedrijf ook gehoord worden in belangrijke overheids- en andere dossiers, zonder daar individueel tijd en financiën te moeten voor aanwenden, dan is lidmaatschap van O.T.M. een must.

O.T.M. is uw spreekbuis.

Hoe groter O.T.M. wordt, des te krachtiger klinkt uw stem als verlader.

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ESC coördineert één van de grootste Europese "Research and Demonstration - projecten"

Logo CoreBron: OTM – Nik Delmeire – 18/08/14

European Shippers' Council coordineert  het project CORE (= Consistently Optimised Resilient), één van de grootste Europese " Research and Demonstration - projecten" op het vlak van Supply Chain. Circa 70 partners zullen de komende vier jaar samen met EU-DG's in dit project samenwerken. Het is de eerste keer dat een Verladersorganisatie zo'n vooraanstaande rol speelt in dergelijk project.

Meer nieuws vindt u op de CORE website

CORE launches his website to protect and secure global supply chain

The balance between effective control and supervision and facilitating legitimate trade by a number of innovations, needs to be improved. That is why today the CORE website is launched – where its partners have committed to work together to maximize the speed and reliability and minimize cost of fulfilling global trade transactions, make supply chains more transparent and resilient and at the same time bring safety and security to the highest level.
In border-crossing operations with third countries there is still quite a deal to be gained. Interventions by control agencies can cause disturbances and unexpected delays harm supply chain predictability. Moreover, additional compliance processes and procedures have raised the administrative burden for legitimate traders, thus neutralizing the positive impact of paperless declarations.

Consistently Optimised Resilient (CORE), is one of the largest European research and demonstration projects. The circa 70 Partners in CORE will demonstrate that supply chain security innovations researched and developed in previous projects such as CASSANDRA work in practice. In addition, several EU-Directorates are strongly engaged to the project: DG-REA (security research programme management), DG-ENTERPRISE (security policy), DG-TAXUD (customs risk management and security policy), DG-MOVE (eFreight policy) and DG-JRC (scientific support in policy implementation). The daily management of this 4-year project is done by an Executive Committee consisting of ESC, TNO and BMT. BMT will coordinate the administrative part, TNO will act as the technical coordinator and the Exco will be chaired by the European Shippers' Council (ESC).

A challenge within many demonstrators is capturing high quality data along the supply chain and enable data sharing. This would allow businesses along the supply chain to better control their business risks and optimise their processes, whilst control agencies like customs can improve their risk analysis allowing for alternative ways of supervision (and by doing this reduce physical checks). Moreover, it contributes to more sustainable transport by enabling and easening co-modality and apply carbon footprint optimisations throughout the supply chain. Global supply chains have experienced an increased interference and dependencies with governmental bodies, and innovative solutions require collaboration. In CORE, the business community, border control agencies, governments and academia have committed to collaborate in finding practical solutions. CORE is an excellent vehicle to make this happen.

Opposite to many earlier projects, CORE will focus on demonstration of practical solutions that can be implemented within the current legislative framework. Moreover, the results also provide input for drafting future legislation and suggestions for support policies and improved framework conditions.

More information can be found on website launched today: http://www.coreproject.eu/

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